Corinne Krikorian
Dancer & Teacher
Argentine Tango

Passionate about dance since a young age and about tango since 2003, Corinne Krikorian started her journey in Montreal learning from experienced Argentine teachers such as Julio Otero and Tomas Howlin. She moved to Buenos Aires to deepen her knowledge and trained with renowned tango Masters such as Gustavo Naveira, Tate Di Chiazza, Mariana Dragone & Caroline Bonaventura to mention a few.

Since her return, she has devoted herself entirely to teaching Argentine tango. She also teaches abroad focusing mostly on technique & connexion, essential elements to master this dance.

As an event organizer she operates a very popular milonga (tango dance evening) on Thursday night recently baptised “Chez COCO” as well as regular milongas at the Rialto Theather. A lover of art through all its forms, she looks to promote all sorts of Artists within the tango community by organizing special events. Inspired by her Masters, she hopes to transmit her passion and love for Tango and help her students to discover the wonders of this incredible dance.

“The only reason for mastering
technique is to ensure the body
does not prevent the soul from
expressing itself."

La Meri

Argentine tango is a unique dance where you can learn a new language & form of expression
entirely inspired by your own creativity.  From body awareness to perfecting technique is
what I offer.  

Tango Bell'Anima focuses on the essence, for all things begin with "self".

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